Georgia College's Immigration Database for faculty and staff

Welcome to Georgia College's Immigration Database for faculty and staff. The purpose of this database is to make the process of obtaining the appropriate work visas for our faculty and staff easier. In the event you or your faculty/staff member wants to know the status of their visa, this is where you will go. This database will be maintained and kept up to date by the Office of Legal Affairs.  If you have any questions regarding this database or if you have any suggestions on how to make it more user friendly, please send an email to

You will notice three tabs indicated at the top of this database: 'Home', 'Sponsorship Letter Templates', and 'Upload'. Once you log in with your username and password you will see the additional tab labeld 'Database'. Each tab has a specific function. If you do not have your username and password please contact the Office of Legal Affairs for assistance.

Sponsorship Letter Templates
What you will find on this tab are templates that you will need to complete the process of filing for visas. These templates are for the area Department Chairs and Deans to request university sponsorship for their international employee.

Once your sponsorship letter has been printed on university letterhead, signed, and converted to an acceptable electronic format, you may then go to this page to upload your letter to the appropriate link.

On this page you will find the name of each employee you are responsible for that has a visa. Simply click on the 'view' link and this will take you to that individual's information. All information is up-to-date regarding their visa status.